Street & Roadway LED LAMPS

Residential Street Lighting

Secondary Roadway Lighting

To the right is a simple direct screw-in mogul-base LED lamp that quickly replaces an energy-wasting mogul-base HID bulb.

These Exterior LED lamps are an excellent solution to replace existing HID bulbs in exterior residential street, secondary roadway, and many other installed light fixtures.

  • Compare the 250400 at 108w to your current 400w HID bulb + 55w ballast for a 76% ROI.      In less than 2 years your LED lamp will be fully paid and earning you 76% on your initial investment each year.

To the left are just a few of the top-tier LED direct screw-in lamp solutions ... you can buy DEG's USA Made products direct through this site on a limited time basis .... now the only place you can purchase DEG's quality products.


Direct Screw-In LED Lamps for Existing Fixtures