Rebates & Certifications 

Rebates & Certifications
  • Rebates and Incentives
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Incentive/Rebate Programs

Most Utilities offer LED product Incentive Programs. For larger projects the rebates can be product specific, prescribed or custom. Some rebate programs will also pay

a portion of the installation cost. We recommend you reach out to your local utility company and call the Customer Service number printed on your utility bill and ask for information on their Incentive or Rebate Program. Also visit their website.


Be sure to inquire how long the rebate process will take, except for very small projects the rebate process can take from 2-6 months for approval and months more before the actual rebate check is in your hand.  The pricing is structured such that buying direct saves you very close to the amount you might benefit from a utility rebate. Add to these savings the time-loss benefit from additional energy-savings and much higher quality lighting from LED and we believe the wait is a losing proposition. We also believe utilities will cease offering rebates for LED lighting in the near future.

Product Certifications

The discontinued LED products offered on our website have been reviewed to insure they have the proper NRTL Regulatory approvals (UL/ETL/CSA, etc.), are registered, and where applicable, may be listed on one or more of the recognized qualified product lists. For lighting products we insure that photometric and other required test data (LM79, LM80, TM21) and product spec sheets are readily available (most are posted or linked on this website).