N2 Power High-Efficiency (90%+) Power Supply, Constant-Voltage for powering various electronic devices. Input Power:110-277 VAC, 48 V Output, 5.4 A max with no active cooling, 7.5 A with 10 CFM airflow (not provided). Additional Outputs of 5 VDC (1A) and 12 VDC (1A) to power fans or accessories. Main Input and Output provided with lead wires for easy integration with existing wiring. See datasheet for more details.

This high-efficiency AC TO 48VDC power supply is designed to work with all LED HI-Bay lamps.

48 VDC CV, 375 Watt AC-DC Power Supply

SKU: N2PowerOpenFrame

IECEE 62471
Photobiological Safety

IEC 62560:2011
General Lighting