Exterior Area Lighting 
5,000 Lumens – 4500K – CRI > 70
Replaces up to 175 Watt MH or HPS

  • High-Quality Light, Where you need it!
  • LED Replacement Lamp for HID Applications
  • For Exterior Use in Sealed Fixtures
  • Lamp is Self-Ballasted, Line Voltage Input (Also available in a universal bracket version which includes stainless steel universal bracket and separate LED Driver - not self-ballasted)
  • Curved & Flat Micro-Prism Lens and Type 2, 3 & 5 Optic Lenses available

    (Please choose lens type when selecting product quantity)


This lamp is protected under U.S. patent numbers 8,845,132, 8,882,297; CIP Application 14/493,251 Allowed and Pending

Exterior Replacement Lamp for up to 175w HID, Type 2, 3 & 5 Optics & MP Lenses

SKU: 150175
Optics and Other Lens Options
  • Don’t be fooled by “Initial Lumen Output” figures of traditional HID bulbs, they mean very little in practical application. This lamp delivers lighting levels equivalent to existing Metal Halide HID fixtures operating up to 175 Watt bulbs, ideal in applications where fixture heights are limited to 10-15’.

    • Bright, Quality Light: 4,579 Lumens @ 4500K
    • Energy Savings of 60 – 80%
    • 78 – 100 Lumens per Watt (depending on 3rd-party Triac control dimming level)
    • Quality Design and Construction:  Premium components, Thermal Safety Protection, Long Life 
    • Retain Current Fixtures for Consistent Look!


    Easy Installation:

    1. Remove and Recycle ballast
    2. Wire Incoming Line Voltage Direct to Surge Protector, then to Socket
    3. Adjust and Install LED Lamp

IECEE 62471
Photobiological Safety

IEC 62560:2011
General Lighting