Parking Area LED LAMPS

Parking Areas  • Parking Garages • Small Walkway Shoebox
Warehouse/Factory Exterior Wallpacks • Fueling Stations Under-canopy

To the right is a series of simple direct screw-in mogul & medium-base LED lamp that quickly replace energy-wasting mogul & medium-base HID bulb.


These Exterior LED lamps are an excellent solution to replace existing HID bulbs in exterior wall packs, decorative pole fixtures, parking area pole lights, canopies, side door packs and many other installed light fixtures.

Direct Screw-In LED Lamps for Existing Fixtures

  • 250500 and 150175 available in TYPE II, III & V Optics; Flat Clear Lens available for 250400 only. The 150175 is  also available with a Curved and Flat Micro-prism lens generally used for wall packs or clear glass bottom shoebox fixtures for broadest light spread..

  • 070120 is available with a Curved Micro-prism Lens.

  • Compare the 250400 at 108w to your current 400w HID bulb + 55w ballast for a 76% ROI. In less than 2 years your LED lamp will be fully paid and earning you 76% on your initial investment each year.