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I want LED but I don't know what I need .... can you help me with a solution?

Many commercial customers want LED but don't know anything about LED lighting.  With an array of color choices never before available (from Kelvin color temps ranging from "warm" 2200-3200K to "neutral white" 3500-4500K to "cool" 5000-7000K and an unlimited color pallet surely to satisfy almost every need.  That being said, traditional office, warehouse and exterior lighting is generally offered in warm to neutral white to cool colors.  Warm tends toward yellow where cool tends toward blue, with neutral white in the middle of the Kelvin range.  Then we look at light output (lumens) as measured in Lux or Footcandles on the surface of the area to be lit.  Lastly, consideration is given to light spread--how much area and what specific areas need light as much as areas that don't need light--and special consideration in exterior spaces for up-light and 'trespass' (where we definitely don't want light).

What LED lamp will replace my existing HID, Incandescent, Flourescent or PAR bulbs?

What may seem like a simple question is actually the most difficult of all the questions we are asked each and every day. Start with the bulb type: base socket (dozens of variations), input voltage (ranges from 120VAC to 480VAC - US), wattage (8w to over 1,000w), manufacturer and glass (clear or diffused). There are literally over ten thousand different fixtures from hundreds of manufacturers globally so finding a spec sheet on many fixtures can be the proverbial needle in a haystack search. Add to this the technology changes for traditional ballasts, bulb types and fixture modifications and this multiplies the search. Finally, for fluorescent there are several ballast types and varying connection protocols--a simple remove and replace is not as simple as your local retail box store or electrical distributor will explain. The easiest remove and replace is likely incandescent; but then LED quality plays a substantial part in choosing even the simplest of replacements.

I may want a new fixture instead of a retrofit. How do I know which fixture to purchase?

First, stay away from the big box stores as most of the products they sell are imported and you get what you pay for. If you opt to visit a lighting store they cater more to residential than commercial but you will have a decent selection and mid-high level quality. Given the hard fact that China has been dumping LED lights by the container full, be careful in what you choose if you decide to go this route--in lighting more than every 'buyer beware'! The can do the hard work of resourcing through our Resource Center but we do charge a fee--well worth the money because we don't shop for the cheapest product but the best quality of product and light. In the current market there are so many choices it can take a Ph.D. in lighting to find the correct product or turn to experts who spend their time comparing products and know what to look for in discerning quality from low-end offerings--more than paying the fee we charge.

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