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Our main goal is to help you source and save to gain the maximum ROI on your lighting investment. No middlemen, no extra charges and no hidden costs. We earn our fee by providing a much needed service in the LED market. And we take the complexity out of the LED decision.

We know LED. We know the right questions to ask. And we know how to get the right LED lights and fixtures at a price that you can live with. In some cases, we can provide a no up-front-cost solution with payments in the form of a monthly subscription payment that is less than current lighting electric cost or a fully financed project.

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$500 - $750*

$1,000 - $2,500*

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Project Analysis - Determining what you need and scope of your lighting project, including current lighting layout, fixture types and determining exactly what your needs are.

Resourcing Service - Light Fixtures, Retrofit opportunities, helping select LED retrofit lamps and/or new LED fixtures - Helping you discern quality from underwhelming products.

Full Project Scope -

  • Project Analysis (see above)

  • Product Resourcing

  • Help Selecting Install Contractor 

  • Analyze Rebate Opportunities

  • Project Financing, if warranted.

  • ROI Analysis - Pre/Post LED Install