$500 - $750*

$1,000 - $2,500*

* Note: Every Project is unique. The complexity of the facility, number of lights and types of fixtures, controls desired and power requirements.  Price and time allotted will vary according to the

size and scope of each project and final price for services will be determined after initial consultation.  An estimated range is shown for Resourcing and Full Project Scope Services.  

Initial Consultation  ...............................


Project Analysis - Determining what you need and scope of your lighting project, including current lighting layout, fixture types and determining exactly what your needs are.

Resourcing Service - Light Fixtures, Retrofit opportunities, helping select LED retrofit lamps and/or new LED fixtures - Helping you discern quality from underwhelming products.

Full Project Scope -

  • Project Analysis (see above)

  • Product Resourcing

  • Help Selecting Install Contractor 

  • Analyze Rebate Opportunities

  • Project Financing, if warranted.

  • ROI Analysis - Pre/Post LED Install

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Let the LEDProductStore's Resource Group help you obtain the right LED fixtures and lamps for your project.  We know LED.  We know the right questions to ask.  And we provide this service at a bargain price compared to savings you will see.

Let the LEDProductStore be your ongoing resource to find you the very best LED products for your project. While you may not see the product on this website we will scour the market for the highest quality and only top-tier products to fit your needs. We do charge a service fee for our efforts but the cost is extremely reasonable given how much time you will spend sifting through the thousands of LED products offered on hundreds of websites and through wholesale distributors or unscrupulous resellers. Let us use our years of experience to save you time and money.
But here is the best part....we will use our knowledge in sourcing and purchasing to help you buy-direct and by-pass all the middlemen to bring you the highest ROI. If you don't have a reliable installer we can assist in that area as well. We know top-level electricians all over the U.S. and Canada and will help you find and negotiate a reasonable install cost. We can also help you with financing larger projects through our many contacts in the Efficiency Financing industry. Or perhaps you want to install your own retrofits--we can help you decide if this is a practical solution as well.

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