LED Flashlights, Headlamps & Work Lights

Interior & Exterior Repair & Maintenance • Equipment Repair

Manufacturing Facilities • Public Works Maintenance

Hazardous & Environmentally Sensitive Areas • Power Plants • Pumping Stations • Substations
Military Bases  • Airports • Other Transportation Facilities • Tunnels
Oil Fields • Oil Refineries • Offshore Oil Platforms • Oil Tanks • Wharf • Mining

When you need a small light it never seems it's bright or compact enough to fit in your hand or pocket. The solution is an LED Flashlight. From very direct spot to expansive and bright today's LED Flashlights provide just the right amount of light for those dark, tight work areas. If hands-free or directed light is required, then an LED Headlamp is the perfect hands-free solution. Get close to your work without the added concern of dropping a hand-held light. 

If more light is needed and either hands-free or elevated and directed light is required, then you need an LED Work Light. There are many types and styles of work lights but we have found a line of the best work light solutions available.

  • Super-bright LEDs

  • Low Watts, High Lumens

Buying LED products Direct from the LEDProductStore will insure the end-user is being provide one of the highest ROI (Return on Investment) you will find. Compare other quotes against products offered through the LEDProductStore and see the difference!

Examples of LED Flashlights & Headlamps

Depending on Lumen Output, Light Throw (Beam) and Quality, Prices Will Range from $6 - $250 .... 

Typically $12 - $125 for Top-tier LED Flashlights & Headlamps

(Reference Photo # When Inquiring - or email us your own choice for price sourcing)

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Examples of LED Work Lights

Depending on Type of Work Light (Portable, Tri-Pod, Floor) Lumen Package, Optics and CRI, Prices Will Range from $10 - $700 .... Typically $60 - $350 for Top-tier LED Work Lights

(Reference Photo # When Inquiring - or email us your own choice for price sourcing)

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